Tuesday, August 21, 2007

navagraha krithIs - Preface

guru: brahmA guru: viShNu: guru: dEvO mahEshwara:
guru: sAkShAt parambrahmA tasmai SrIguravE nama: ||

The navagraha krithis are amongst the most esteemed krithis in carnatic music as well as musicology. In addition, they are great pieces of sanskrit literature and encapsulate almost all of vEdic astrology. Neither these krithis, nor their composer, SrI muthuswAmi dIkShitar, need any introduction. It is just apt to say here that there are very few krithis with the grandeur of the navagraha krithis, and almost none to equal dIkShitar, save the trinity and perhaps, the dAsAs.

This and the next 9+ posts on the navagraha krithis would be a humble and sincere attempt towards achieving 3 tasks.
  • Explanation and substantiation, within the domain of human limitation, of the lyrical and musical extravaganza in the navagraha krithis.
  • Exposition into the musicology with respect to the rAga in which the krithi is composed.
  • (This is more of a selfish motive.) Realization of how much mortal we all are and how incomparable my life and knowledge, if any, is, with respect to the infinitude of the divine art, as presented by dIkShitar towards the moral and spiritual uplift of the ignorant humanity.
I would also like to add here that what I would write about, is that which I've attempted to understand with this "human" brain of mine, by the grace of God and dIkShitar and blessings of my parents and guru, and encouragement of my good friends. By virtue of being a mere minion, what I can write is, but highly limited, with near zero cross-section, relative to what dIkShitar has desired to convey. Additions and comments will most surely necessitate, and are more than welcome.

IshAvAsyam idam sarvam
yat kim cha jagatyAm jagat |
tEna tyaktEna bhU~njIthA:
mA gRudha kasyasvit dhanam ||
IshAvAsyOpanishat (1.1)

SrIguru-preeyatAm preeyatO bhavatu
SrI kamalAmbA jayati


Musical Scientist said...

Oh my God SK...what a blast to start off with..sooper pa :) The words, vocabulary, diction and ofcourse the meaning and power of your words..just too good :). We indeed are mere mortals and perhaps not even a small speck in front of Gods like dIkshithar. With this post of yours, the entire color and of this blog has changed pa..It has become..dynamic and It is an honor to share this wonderful blogspace with you, my extremely knowledgeable and talented friend!! :) :) Thalaivar sure is smiling upon us from up there :) :)

P.S..Quoting from IshAvAsyOpanishad and finishing off with the ultimate truth..chancey illa pa..the energy and enthu you pass on are extremely contagious :) I bow to you sir!!

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