Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kamalaamba Nava Avarnams

It has been a quiet and aesthetic few weeks since my last blog. I dont know how I am spending my time but it is definitely flying. I have been a little busy hunting for that elusive first job and hopefully I am getting somewhere. It was indeed shameful to see the Indians go down in their World Cup opener against Bangladesh. But, I must be frank that I am a little happy with yesterday's outcome(s) because: (a) The indians have hopefully learnt a lesson and will work really hard to get into the super 8's now. (b) Pakistan has been knocked out and realistically speaking are eliminated from World Cup 2007(The famous "namakku oru kann ponaalum, edhiri ku rendu kannum poganum" kind of "alpa santhosham" :) Hopefully no Pakistani is reading this blog now). Anyway, I finished reading the "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda; a masterpiece to say the least. I am continuing my spiritual growth with "The Divine Romance" written by Sri Yogananda once again. It is a brilliant collection of his lectures establishing links to the greatest romance of them all-The one with the cosmic divine. Thanks to Shreekrishna, I am in possession of a wonderful collection of Dikshithar krithis called "Sri Ramam" sung by Sri T.M.Krishna and I am getting mind-blown listening to "Kodhandaramam" in raga "kokilaaravam" as I type this. Continuing on spiritual lines, it is only apt for me to discuss about the majestic and authoritative Kamalamba Nava Avarnam krithis composed by God Dikshithar. I will start off with a brief introduction about the Nava Avarnams(which would consume this entire blog i think).

These are a set of 11 krithis-9 krithis talking about the 9 avarnas of the Sri Chakra and Sri Vidya Upasana, 1 dhyana krithi(Kamalambike-thodi) and 1 mangala krithi(Shri Kamalambike Shive-Sri). These krithis are extremely powerful and filled with yoga and gnana marga fundas for self-realization; the very purpose of a human being's birth. A spiritual aspirant needs to find a Guru and be initiated into the practice of Sri Vidya Upasana. To find a way to explain these fundamentals in an easy and meaningful way, I searched for a reliable resource on the web and I have found this wonderful article on wikipedia which makes the purpose of this blog unnecessary. Please click here(wikipedia article) to learn about the greatness of the Nava Avarna krithis giving wonderful details about Sri Chakra and explaining how each krithi relates to each avarana and chakra. Now that the article has been read by you(hopefully) and now that you have understood the inner meaning and objective of each of these krithis(hopefully once again :) ), I will continue with the explanation for the dhyana krithi in Thodi. I will slowly work my way through the entire set and end with the mangala krithi hopefully in a month's time. I am publishing this blog so that I give some time to all of you who are really interested in the Navavarna krithis to read through the wikipedia article and get some basics right so that it will be easier and more meaningful for me to explain and for you to understand. I conclude this post here with a sense of dissatisfaction that I did not have the wonderful opportunity to explain the depths already covered by the wikipedia article. I know I am leaving this post sort of incomplete and I will explain in depth about the "kamalaambike" dhyana krithi in "thodi" in my next post-hopefully tonight or at the worst tomorrow morning. Till then, take care and have fun..Catch you guys/gals in a bit!!

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